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My name is Glenn Angelo.

I’m a designer , which at its simplest means I make things that look and feel nice, with a particular focus on things people use on screens. I’m fortunate to have had over a decade’s professional experience in the digital design process. From concept to client, pencil to pixel, debugging to deployment, I’m passionate about bringing ideas to life — whether it’s in Sketch and Photoshop or in a code editor and a browser.Previously I worked agency side with the great people at Essence Digital* as a creative technologist, designing and building innovative and forward-thinking digital solutions, for brands such as Google, YouTube, Tesco Mobile, Pret A Manger, Mr. Porter, Barclays, eBay, PayPal, and Cancer Research UK. I also served as creative director for Individualism*, the influential London-based men’s style collective, where I helped oversee the team’s creative output, which spanned styling, photography, videography, events, and even co-designing product ranges, all for fashion brands both large and small . Currently I’m director of Omakase*, a small but perfectly formed digital product studio, which (when we’re not bringing our own ideas to life), collaborates with brands and organisations that share our values. Namely, a strong belief in big ideas, thoughtful design, and the beautiful intersection of the two . I live, and at the same time, work remotely as a digital nomad. Though I will always call London my home, since 2014 I’ve been travelling all over the world*, going to far flung places like Easter Island*, Patagonia*, Tasmania*, The Galápagos Islands*, and (technically) North Korea*. All with a single backpack*, measured curiosity, and a healthy sense of wanderlust . I infrequently write* about design, travel, and tech, sometimes tweet* cool stuff I find online, and often Instagram* places I’ve been and seen though I love sharing ideas, food, drink, and unique travel experiences with cool, interesting, smart, and talented people in general.